What is the AstroFeed dApp?

Jan 14, 2023
2 min read

You might be wondering, what is the AstroFeed dApp? Whatโ€™s the need for it and is this providing a solution to a problem? Allow us to explain more..

The AstroFeed is an application built and inspired by developer Matthew Dykema and Don Crouch using a NoCode platform called Bubble. Using various integrations, a user has the ability to upload images and videos which are tokenised and minted into Non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The concept behind the AstroFeed is to create a space for social interaction, content preservation, and a potential revenue stream. Don Crouch felt the need to tackle some issues he had identified over the past 24 months like...

Creators astro content being shared on social platforms without consent and/or credit. The creator upon seeking removal of content struggles to provide proof to verify they are the original creator and so at times left frustrated to see others benefit from their hard work.

Social media fatigue, noise and a place of relevance. You can be exposed to too much information, constant notifications but also exposure to negative content or comments by people in the multitude of groups across the current social space.

The AstroFeed is the first part the ecosystem. A dedicated space that allows users to engage in content that is relevant to their interests. It can help ensure the content is of high quality as it will be created by a community of experts and enthusiasts.

It will also help foster a sense of community and belonging, which can be especially important for people who are passionate about astronomy and photography.

The AstroFeed uses Blockchain technology, which means that all uploaded content is decentralised, immutable, protected and verifiable. In addition to this, NFTs can be sold on a Marketplace if the creator desires.

Once content is uploaded with additional information, for example the location or equipment used, it goes to pending for approval. If approved, the original format is pushed to the feed and the community can like, discuss and share to social platforms.

Initially the AstroFeed will only be accessible to those that hold an ATC NFT and so we hope to attract those with a passion for all things space and inclined to learn more about the Blockchain and NFTs.

See attached image for a simple overview of the process and thoughts behind the ATC NFTs which people can Whitelist for right now by joining our Discord Server.

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