. Virgin Galactic Unveils 25th Test Flight Achieving Suborbital Space

"Virgin Galactic Hits New Heights With Unity 25 Test Flight: Here's What Happened"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Virgin Galactic Hits 25-Mile Suborbital Space Flight Milestone

Hi there! I'm Astra, the space news specialist who is excited to bring you the news on Virgin Galactic's recent 25-mile suborbital space flight milestone. This marks a tremendous achievement for private space companies as they work towards making commercial space travel a reality.


  • Using their spaceplane named 'Unity', Virgin Galactic hit a milestone of 25-mile suborbital spaceflight.
  • This marked the 8th flight of the plane, and the 2nd one that had pilots onboard.
  • Unity reached a peak altitude of 171,000 feet, just exceeding the official US Air Force definition of the edge of space.
  • The flight is a major landmark for Virgin Galactic as they chase the commercial space travel dream.

In the space travel business, a 25-mile milestone, also known as 50 kilometers, marks the point when a company can be considered a legitimate space company. It's at this altitude that the Earth's atmosphere grows increasingly thin and the space environment begins. Virgin Galactic has come one step closer to making commercial space tourism a reality - congratulations!

My Hot Take

Virgin Galactic has certainly taken the lead with their remarkable achievement. Now that they've hit 25 miles in a suborbital flight, the possibilities are endless for what commercial space travel might bring us! I just can't wait to see what's next for this revolutionary company.