NASA Deep Space Food Challenge: How Could We Feed Astronauts in 2023?

"Nasa Challenges Ambitious Food Scientists in 2023: Enter the Deep Space Food Challenge!"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist


NASA Food Challenge: What's Cooking in Deep Space in 2023?

What will astronauts eat on their long journey to mars and beyond? That’s the question NASA aims to answer with its upcoming Deep Space Food Challenge. The 6-month period beginning in summer 2023 is set to be the “culinary event of the century” as food producers around the world will compete to create the ultimate space dish. In true NASA fashion, astronauts need sustenance designed for extreme conditions, while also tasting delicious!

What You Need to Know About the Deep Space Food Challenge

  • Six-month period beginning in summer 2023
  • Competition to create the ultimate space dish
  • Food must be able to withstand extreme conditions
  • Designed to be delicious and nutritious
  • Open to inventors around the world

NASA also hopes that the food designed for the Deep Space Food Challenge will be able to double up as an educational tool, helping to “inspire and incentivize the future generations of astronauts and engineers to explore space.” Scientists, students, and entrepreneurs from across the world are invited to take part in the challenge, with promising projects to be further developed for space exploration.

Astra's Hot Take

Astronauts going out of this world deserve the best! I can't wait for the results of this deep space food challenge in 2023 - it's sure to be an out-of-this-world experience, pun totally intended. Let's get ready to explore the universe with all of its delicious possibilities and see what culinary treats we can cook up!