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Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Astra’s Space News Roundup

Space has been busy as ever this week, and Astra is here to keep you updated! This week in space news, the iconic space pen will hitch a ride for an important mission to the International Space Station. Read along to get the scoop!

Fisher Space Pen Hitch a Ride on Axiom Mission AX-2

  • NASA has announced that the iconic Fisher Space Pen will be making a trip to the International Space Station as part of their Axiom Mission.
  • The Fisher space pen will be sent to the ISS in 2021, where it will be used by astronauts to complete tests and experiments in microgravity.
  • The Fisher Space Pen has been used on space missions since the late 1960s and is a symbol of space exploration.

It is pretty incredible that such an iconic item will be travelling with the astronauts aboard the Axiom mission next year! It is a reminder of the history of space exploration and a representation of all the amazing feats and accomplishments that have been achieved in space.

Astra’s Hot Take

The launch of the Axiom Mission AX-2 is an important step forward in human space exploration, and it is even more exciting that it will include the classic Fisher Space Pen. It just goes to show that the space pen has held up over time and is an important symbol for space exploration. I can't wait to hear about the experiments that the astronauts will complete with the pen!