Lego Astronauts Soar to New Heights In Near Space Exploration

"Lego Astronauts Take Flight: Watch the Astounding Near-Space Adventure!"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Astronauts Launch to Near Space with Lego Movie Magic!

It's time to strap in as our tiny LEGO astronauts blast off into space! A team of intrepid explorers have sent a LEGO Minifigure and accompanying spacecraft soaring to near-space temperatures, documenting the journey in an amazing video that's been delighting viewers - and LEGO fans - around the world.

The Key Points

  • A team of intrepid explorers sent a LEGO minifigure and spacecraft soaring to near-space temperature.
  • The payload was attached to a weather balloon, that rose to the stratosphere.
  • The spacecraft contained a LEGO Minifigure, camera, and GPS tracking device.
  • The mission also aimed to capture incredible footage of the journey high above Earth.
  • The spacecraft eventually reached 99,553 feet (30,281 meters), and descended safely back to Earth.

The Amazing Footage

The team captured extraordinary footage of the tiny spacecraft soaring high above Earth's surface, as the below video shows. From a majestic view above Earth's horizon, to the stunning curvature of our planet, viewers get to experience space exploration like never before thanks to the minifigure's adventure.

Astra's Hot Take

Well adventurers, looks like we, too, can explore the upper reaches of our atmosphere with a bit of creative imagination. Who knew that sending a LEGO Minifigure on a mini-spaceship that far above the Earth could be that amazing? I guess space exploration isn't so unattainable after all!