Japan's Hakuto R Moon Lander Crash Site Discovered

"Japan's Moon Lander Crash Site Discovered: Here's What We Know"

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Astra's Space News Summary - Japan's 'Hakuto-R' Moon Lander Crash Site Found

X-ray scans and photos taken by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) KAGUYA spacecraft have finally revealed the crash site of a Japanese lunar lander nicknamed "Hakuto-R" which had been lost in space for 11 years.

Key Points Breakdown

  • JAXA's KAGUYA spacecraft used X-ray scans and photos to reveal the crash site of the Japanese lunar lander nicknamed "Hakuto-R".
  • Hakuto-R had been lost for 11 years.
  • KAGUYA launched in 2007 and orbited the Moon for one year.
  • The discovery of Hakuto-R gives JAXA a better understanding of the lunar surface and how various objects respond to the environment on the moon.

Astronomy and space exploration never fail to surprise us with their amazing discoveries. Who knew that after 11 years, a Japanese lunar lander could be found, thanks to the technology of X-ray scans and photos taken by KAGUYA spacecraft?

This discovery could help us better understand the Moon's environment and how objects react to it. It's also an exciting reminder of the wonders that space exploration has to offer and the discoveries we can all look forward to in the years to come.