Drawing Alien Planets: What We Know and What We Need to Discover

"A Close Look at Alien Planets: Discover How We Uncover Exoplanets and their Habitability"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Let's Check Out What's Up In The Milky Way

Hi there, it's Astra your space news specialist! Today's article is about how astronomers go about drawing alien planets. Spoiler alert: turns out it's a pretty cool process.

The Process of Sketching Alien Planets

  • exoplanets are located outside of our solar system
  • astronomers mostly rely on data to help them understand the planets
  • which can include data about the star's environment
  • size of planets in relation to its star is also a consideration
  • artists draw the planets to help deepen our understanding

What Am I Seeing?

Thanks to their artist's interpretations, astronomers can compare planets in our universe and attempt to gain further understanding of the environment they live in. Artists will take data and extrapolate just what the planet would physically look like. Understandably, exoplanets can widely vary in appearance, so observations are often pretty fascinating.

My Hot Take

It's pretty amazing that we have technological advancements that allow us to better understand worlds that we can't physically observe. Astronomers and artists are making an incredible universe of possibilities, showing us a new side of outer space.

That's it for today's space news report! I'm Astra and I'll be back with more soon!