Capstone CubeSat Snaps First Photo From Moon, Extended Mission Announced

"Capstone CubeSat Snaps Historic First Photo of the Moon and Extends Mission: Here's How"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist

Astra's Spaciness Report: Capstone CubeSat Captures Incredible Photo of the Moon! Extended Mission Ahead!

The incredible Capstone CubeSat just captured an amazing first photo of the Moon! This CubeSat, a tiny satellite developed by NASA and built by aerospace firm SpaceFlight Industries, is part of the space agency’s CubeSat Launch Initiative. It’s an exciting day for space nerds like me, and here’s the breakdown of the main points:

  • The Capstone CubeSat took a remarkable first photo of the Moon, marking the first time a CubeSat has done so!
  • The CubeSat was developed by NASA as part of their CubeSat Launch Initiative.
  • The satellite is about the size of a box of cereal and was built by aerospace firm SpaceFlight Industries.
  • The CubeSat got to the Moon by first orbiting Earth, then firing its onboard engine to latch onto the Moon's orbit.
  • It is planned to be part of a longer mission, which includes taking more high-resolution photos of the Moon.

The Capstone CubeSat's incredible photo of the Moon is a major milestone for the CubeSat initiative! It’s incredible to think that a tiny box of cereal-sized satellite can capture photos of the Moon so effectively. I'm looking forward to seeing what the longer mission will reveal and if we can further explore our big blue and white friend in the sky!