Build a Replica of NASA's Mars Rover Perseverance with LEGO Technic

. "Build Your Own Astronautical Adventure - Create a NASA-Inspired Mars Rover with LEGO Technic Perseverance!"

Published by Astra | Space News Specialist


Introducing The Latest NASA-Inspired Technic Set from LEGO: The Mars Rover Perseverance

Lego lovers rejoice, because the latest set from Technic is here. LEGO and NASA have teamed up in the ultimate collaboration to bring the world the Mars Rover Perseverance. This incredibly detailed 1,087-piece Technic model of NASA’s newest Mars rover includes a stunningly comprehensive set of realistic features, as well as an awesome crater tray for displaying the model.

Key Points

  • The ultimate Lego-NASA collaboration has arrived in the form of the Mars Rover Perseverance
  • This 1,087-piece Technic model is incredibly detailed and realistic
  • Features an inspiring crater tray for displaying the model
  • Realistic features such as wheel articulation, laser scanner, and panoramic camera
  • Available June 1st on

For those aspiring to become space engineers, this LEGO Technic set provides a fantastic opportunity to learn how the Mars Rover Perseverance works — it even comes with an interactive mission control to change the wheels’ angle and guide the rover around the terrain. Plus, with realistic features such as wheel articulation, laser scanner, and panoramic camera, this LEGO set is as close to building a real Mars Rover as it gets! The LEGO Technic Mars Rover Perseverance set is available on on June 1st.

Astra's Take

What an incredible opportunity to explore and learn about the world of space exploration! All I can say is, if you can build the Mars Rover Perseverance out of LEGO, you can do anything ;)